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What is Digital Publication ?

Digital publishing is an entire process of information technology (computer, software, capture devices, writing…) to generate documents in a digital format, ready to be broadcasted on screen: computer monitor, smartphone, tablet, e-book, etc…

Digital books are able to fit into many formatted layouts, which adapt to the screen size of the support (from 3 inches to 10 inches overall), despite the fact that layout’s possibility is more limited according to the platform.
Interactive digital documents are usually not editable, but formatting is much richer: most software features layout is exploitable. Besides, interactive elements are much more numerous.

The practice of digital publishing requires proficiency in several areas of expertise: graphics, software layout, xHTML, CSS, etc…

Whether it is about sales tools, training materials, catalogues for retailer, or customer manager, companies are using mobile devices to interact with their customers through interactive applications.
Compared to traditional digital tools such as the web, these applications combine immediacy and continuous communication with the customers. The duration of the interaction with the user increases, and then it provides more detailed information that has a positive influence on purchasing decisions.

Apart from this equipment aspect, the adoption by the general public of this new method of publication plays a major role in protecting our environment.

Besides, it is clear that the massive appropriation of mobile by consumers show the stakes for companies: i.e. be able to deliver their services on any device, at any time. By optimizing both the uses and abilities of devices, a company can develop a range of services in order to customize target content to its customers all along their buying journey.
It also allows companies to expand their readership and their business, and last not least to follow the customer loyalty.

Policy makers must make crucial choices. And marketing managers must be keen when taking the right decision to quantify their related priorities objectives, in order to extend their mobile and digital strategy.